Testing http://vpsfree.cz/ – First impressions

I have never had any real experience with server administration, nor running my own network services apart from a home LAN and a simple samba service. Ever since I bought a NAS, I did not have to touch anything apart from web interface configuration. The storage is accessible from my local network only, so no real skill is really needed.

Based on my current testing of owncloud I wanted to see what it would look like if it was deployed in a more serious environment with good connectivity and more storage. Looking and the market and talking to a couple of people, I came to a conclusion that the best solution would be to try http://vpsfree.cz/, which is a small local virtual server provider.

A couple thoughts so far:

  • the amount of bots trying to log on the server and I am just wondering how much of such attempts there are on known services such as Google drive and Dropbox.
  • The provider is not a traditional company, they are a community service, everything including financing is transparent
  • I am rally happy with with the quality of the service and the performance of my owncloud instance, setting up the server was super easy thanks to many how-to’s that are available online.
  • The administration interface is very intuitive and everything works super fast and smooth!

What I want to do next:

  • integrate other cloud services in my owncloud
  • long-term testing of performance including calendar and contacts
  • thinking about deploying other services such as wordpress and email

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