Homemade muesli bars

Since a few people were asking me about a recipe, I decided to put together this post. Anyway, this is rather a concept then an exact recipe 🙂


Ingredients (dry)

cashew nuts, cinnamon, corn mash (dried), flax seeds, goji berries (dried), hazel nuts, hemp seeds (husked), oat meals, plums (dried), raisins, sesame seeds

Ingredients (wet)

babanas, cocnut cream, peanut butter


You can play around with the ingredients depending on your preference and taste, use any kind of fruit (dried of fresh), nuts, seeds, spice (coca powder, vanilla ..) or cereal.. You can also put in any sweetening agent, such as honey, nectar, or syrup.. As long as the mixture has the right consistency and holds together after you bake it.


  • mix the dry ingredients in a bowl
  • puree the wet ingredients


  • put the wet mixture into the dry one and stir well


  • let the mixture rest for at least 5 hours to soak well
  • put a parchment paper in your baking tray and transfer the mixture inside
  • use the back of your spoon to smoothen the surface


  • bake – approx. 200C, 45 minutes, or until golden brown
  • remove from the baking tray, remove the paper, let sit to cool down


  • cut into individual rations and cover with plastic foil