Anyone has a tip for a photo community?

I really fell in love with photography and I would like to further improve my skill and images, which I produce.I have owned a DSLR (to be fair, my current camera is already #3 so far) for more then a year now.

My photography evolution so far is mainly defined by the improvement of the gear I am using and since I realized that I do not want to limit myself just to the technical side of photography, even though I am sure that there is plenty of space to further grow there too 🙂 I would like to explore more creative ways how to capture reality in a way that the result is still appealing to generic public, but still adding my specific style and view.

I do not exactly know what “improve my skill and images” means, but one of the things I would appreciate is receiving feedback from other people.

I created a profile on probably the most famous and used server in the Czech Republic, but I will probably stop using it, because it does not meet my expectation. Do not get me wrong, I do not mind low marks and no likes at any of my pictures, that is complete fine. But what I am missing is any feedback at all. Seeing comments such as – “great shot”, “beautiful” … does not really help me to receive any feedback at all.

So here is a question. Does anyone have tips on online photography communities, where you are posting your pictures and receive solid feedback from other users?

Macro photography – first “serious” result

I have owned a macro lens for the past 6 months, but actually have not had the opportunity to really test it out apart from a couple of “regular” shoots… The image stabilization and the sharpness of the lens works not only for macro photography..

Finally, today, I took out the camera and did a little bit of bug (fly) hunting and I think that the results are quite impressive!

A couple of findings so far:

  • There is never enough light with macro photography. Even during a bright day with a lot of sunlight a flashlight comes pretty handy, because you have to use small aperture for a greater DOF.
  • Manual focusing works better then AF. The best way how to get a good picture with the maximum magnification is to manually set the lens to max. and then adjust the camera position.
  • The small creatures are quite spooky, so first of all, you need find a good spot where they are likely to appear and stay for a while, which allows you to get in the position and get the shot.