A couple of kneading techniques – bread baking inspiration

These are three kneading techniques I have tried so far and would like to share them. Tips and observations included.

  1. No kneed bread http://youtu.be/4LaODcYSRXU this is the first and easiest way that I used to make bread and anybody can do it. The instructions say that a 5-year old can, so unless you are younger, go for it! The dough is very hydrated and runny, the fermentation process quite long – up to 24 hours, you use just one step of the dough fermentation and need a solid pot with a lid that can hold heat well. No need to shape the loaf, the pot does it for you, the outcome is pretty safe, instructions easy. For sure a must try for anyone, who wants to try baking their first loaf!
  2. Kneading the dough using a food processor http://youtu.be/Eubr-vBpvY8 This is a little bit more advanced way to make bread dough comparing to the first one. You use the food processor for the dough mixing – ideally I leave the dough in the processor for 15-20 minutes, which makes the dough elastic and produces a nice loaf. Use 2 stages of fermentation; during the first one you can leave the dough in the food processor bowl. This stage usually takes 4-6 hours. For the next stage of fermentation you need a basket that will help shape the loaf. Before you put the loaf in the basket, make sure that you dust it with flour so that the loaf does not stick to the basket when you will try to transfer it on the baking tray. The second fermentation usually takes between 2-4 hours.
  3. Good ol’ hand kneading http://youtu.be/PvdtUR-XTG0 essentially this is almost same as the technique 2 with the only difference that you skip the food processor and do everything by hand. After quite a lot of attempts trying to figure out the right consistency of the dough I realized that it is important to have the dough as much hydrated as possible. You start with an extremely sticky blob of something that looks really scary and actually use the stickiness of the dough to slam it against the surface of the kitchen board, stretching and folding it. Do this for 30 minutes and the blob stops being sticky and forms unanimous smooth dough that produces the most awesome bread I have created so far.

Making bread is really great. With a couple of simple ingredients there are multiple ways how you can achieve great results. It is just a question of how much time and effort you want to invest. Happy baking!