Shape up!

Starting to go to gym is the easiest thing in the world. I know because I’ve done it thousands of times.

So today starts yet another attempt, I found a sparing partner at work, who will kick me the butt in case I am slacking. So far all my attempts have ended up pretty much like this:

Sourdough Bread = opensource

That is it. I am done with buying industrially produced bread of poor quality and taste! I have been playing around with sourdough for almost 6 months now and my bread baking improved to a level, where I am comfortable enough to share it with others. For some inspiration, please some web pages in Czech:

and English:

and a video:

We are planning a kick-off session in Red Hat office with the support of our facilities department, where I will share the basic recipe for making the starter and baking bread.

Hi TV!

There is an interesting piece of technology in our office. A TV with voice and gesture control, which you activate by saying “Hi TV!”, or waving your hand in front of it. Quite interesting to watch how this unusual control makes some people (me included) return to their childhood 🙂